Vacation Package


1. The 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom luxury suites come fully furnished with fully equipped kitchen and breath-taking view from balcony.
2. If you wish to stay additional nights, rate of $200/night.
3. Check-in at 2pm and check-out at 12 noon.
4. Package includes accomodation only. Transportation, meals and resorts fee is not included.

About Pico de Loro:

Paradise begins to unfold at Pico de Loro Cove, the first of Hamilo Coast's developments. This unique leisure community brings together families and friends who desire dynamic activities amidst a spectacular setting of lush forests, verdant mountains, and fine sand beach.

The convenience of a quick weekend getaway truly becomes a reality at Pico de Loro's residential condominiums. Take a weekend or out-of-town trip anytime you wish, and just lock up your unit and leave. Round-the-clock security, reliable utilities, property maintenance, and other modern amenities give the discerning weekender the peace of mind they truly deserve. Plus, practical yet durable finishes allow easy upkeep of your vacation home.

»   Twin awards for SMDC’s Pico de Loro

SM Land, Inc.’s Pico de Loro Cove at Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas clinched two awards, namely Asia’s Best Resort Residences 2013 from Property Report, a leading real estate magazine in Southeast Asia handled by Ensign Media, and Best Condo Development (Resort) in the Philippines Property Awards 2013.

The Philippines Property Awards, is the platform provider to help promote the high level of quality now available to investors in the Philippines’ real estate, construction, architectural and interior design sectors, as well as highlight the professional services offered around the country.

The award body grants the finest achievements in the Philippine real estate industry.

The editorial team of Property Report magazine selected 15 properties in the region that represent the Best Resort Residences based on location, design, investment potential, onsite facilities and services for residents.

Pico de Loro Cove at Hamilo Coast is the property developer’s large-scale ecotourism and leisure project and is the first and growing residential community in SM’s vast Hamilo Coast property consisting of four condominium clusters.

Costa del Hamilo Inc., a subsidiary of SM Land Inc., is the developer of Hamilo Coast—a premier leisure development that celebrates the beach resort lifestyle anchored firmly on nature’s bounty and sustainable principles.

SMDC envisioned Hamilo Coast to become a premier sustainable beach resort town, as it boasts of 13 coastal coves, an extensive 31-kilometer coastline and 5,900 hectares of lush terrain and natural beauty.

It has one of the best beaches in the country, while inland, it is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Pico de Loro Cove is located on a 40-hectare valley within Hamilo Coast, bounded by rolling mountains as well as a protected cove that offers an unspoiled swimming beach.

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How to get there:

Hamilo Coast is currently accessible by land via the traditional Tagaytay-Nasugbu route, which is roughly 114 kilometers of 2 hours travel.

Why to Vacation at Pico de Loro:

Escape to a world of breathtaking beauty tucked along the shores of Nasugbu, Batangas. Hamilo Coast is composed of 5,800 hectares of natural beauty spread across forests, mountains, 13 picturesque coves and 25 kilometers of clear costline.

Hamilo Coast will be an enduring leisure destination for those who seek a genuine sense of escape and retreat into nature, building a tradition and reputation for world-class leisure living. Whether you want to escape from the city or just feel like reconnecting with nature, Hamilo Coast is the leisure destination you'll keep coming back to - a destination you'll want to spend your holidays with family and friends.

»  Why you should pick Pico de Loro

I just had a three-day and two-night stay in Pico de Loro. I decided to take advantage of the long weekend of my youngest son Benj. I was in the US for Holy Week. I take every possible chance I have to immerse them in nature. It’s good for the mind and good for the soul.

I first heard about Pico de Loro Cove when the head of my conservation efforts sent me an e-mail. I viewed the link and I was impressed by their environmental efforts. Intrigued, I called up and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Buda Nubla, who used to head property management at ABS-CBN, was now in charge of the hotel and club operations of the place. And that in fact the place belonged to SM Investment Corporation. I was impressed that they were doing something so green. The place is only for members so I was grateful that they allowed me to visit the place.

My rating for service — A+. The people are sooo nice. I can feel if someone is plastic or is just doing it because it’s a job. I felt a sincere concern for our welfare.

The location — A+! Hamilo Coast has 13 coves, 31 kilometers of coastline and 5,000+ hectares! The place is breathtaking. I experienced two of the coves: Pico de Loro which is the maiden development and where the beach club is, and Santelmo Cove just a few minutes beside. The first impression on my mind was the immaculateness of the water. Realllllly clean! I wondered: How did that happen when it’s so near Manila? It even felt cleaner than some of the waters that I felt in our islands. I was told that they were able to stop dynamite fishing. At Pico de Loro Cove, I went on the banana boat and fell about four times. That’s how I knew the water was so clean. In the other cove, I snorkeled because I wanted to see the corals. I saw giant clams, which I was told weighed four kilos when they were brought there but have now grown to 20 kilos! Nice! At Papaya Cove, I was surprised to see the yacht of Willie Revillame. It was great to see him so well. I saw Tessa Prieto-Valdez and her husband Dennis. I didn’t know Dennis was such a fish. A piece of my snorkel fell — and he ably picked it up from the sea bed in a few seconds! Tessa aptly deserves the title Sea Princess — swimming back from the beach to the yacht with ease. They were there for the Pico tri-invitational. Later on I saw Ria Mackay who teaches total immersion, a very effective swimming technique — classes my whole family had taken.

The specialness of the place is that it is nestled and surrounded by mountains which make for really good meditation. Mountains imbibe and exude strength and stability. Resting on the energy of the mountains is a really good way to get peaceful. I hope that SM will one day develop a cove just for that: quiet retreat ... feeling nature. The potential is so superb there. It would be what the people in the city need.

Right now their mid-rise residential condominiums, the Pico de Loro Country Club and the Pico Sands Hotel, are all set up around a pristine man-made lake so whenever you look out from any of the condo units, you see water. Clean water. The Beach Club is on a beautiful cove.

My kids were really happy with the bowling, the billiards, the basketball, the jet skiing. I am so busy during the week. This was a welcome opportunity for me to bond with them. I noted they also have many badminton courts, a roofed tennis court, two squash courts, a pingpong area, a great kiddie place, and conference rooms for the corporate sector.

Because Pico Sands Hotel was so full, they put me up in one of their lofts. It was well-appointed and very comfortable. Going there I chatted with the people in the shuttle, and I found out they were Filipinos from Chicago

Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club is a proprietary membership club. I was impressed with the number of people there! It’s proof of the vibrant Philippine economy.

The place was FULL. There was a Pico tri-invitational the day before I got there. The day before I left, Unilab had a doctors’ convention, getting almost all the hotel rooms. It was sooo full! — which backs up my conviction that taking care of the environment is good business.

SM has to be credited for going the right way. The first thing they did when they started was to get the services of World Wide Fund (WWF) to make sure that they do things right. Rona Tan, who is in charge of development operations of Hamilo Coast, has a really good heart. She said helping the community around is totally part of the agenda. Apart from working with WWF with the vision to develop Hamilo Coast into a coastal resort town in a sustainable way, Costa del Hamilo, Inc. has been working very closely with SM Foundation, which has been implementing various livelihood and skills training programs for the nearby Nasugbu barangays. The entire development is exciting because it is environmental and the development includes the community.

On the way back, I looked at the scenery and thought, “Wow, I didn’t know Batangas was sooooo beautiful!!! Like gorgeously beautiful!! And it’s so near Manila! They have all these coves, mountains, the sea ...”

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Beach Club Facilities & Amenities
• Sun Coral Cafe
• Arribada Lounge
• Swimming Pool
• Locker Rooms (male/female/kids)
• BBQ Grill Bar
• Equipment Rental for Water & Mountain Sports Activities
• Kayaking/Snorkeling/Scuba Diving/Wind Surfing
• Cove Hopping

Country Club Facilities & Amenities
• Basketball Court
• Badminton Court
• Tennis Court
• Squash Court
• Table Tennis Court
• Fitness Gym
• Locker Rooms
• Billiards & Bowling
• Club Pico for Kids
• Video Game Room
• KTV Room
• Library
• Game Room (Poker/Board Games)
• Restaurant
• Ballroom (can accommodate up to 300 persons for functions)
• Olympic Size Swimming Pool/Lounge Pools
• Kiddie Pool

About the Unit:

You can enjoy our Investor’s Suite including:
• 2 Bedrooms
• 2 Bathrooms
• Lagoon View
• Fully furnished
• Full Kitchen
• 6 Pax Maximum to enjoy with your Family and friends!


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